The Lepre Carpenter’s Shop, established in 1959, is a craftsmanship activity handed down from father to son and has always been characterized by a working tradition carried out only by means of traditional machinery and techniques avoiding the use of numerical control machinery.

The choice of the materials, glues, paints and oils is in accordance with the environment avoiding the use of noxious substances. The wood, such as chestnut solid wood and others, or panels of solid wood and veneered slats, makes of each item a unique piece for its solidity and variety of veining.

In 2007 the Architect Daniele Della Porta designed the table “Incline” and together with the Lepre Carpenter’s Shop, the prototype was created. At the “Young Designer” Competition at the Furniture Exhibition in Milan, “Incline” was awarded the prize “REAL WOOD”.

Subsequently the “PUNTOLARGO” Project was created between the Lepre Carpenter’s Shop, the Designer Daniele Della Porta and Salvatore Pepe’s upholstery lab.Puntolargo


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